Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three simple steps to lower high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a problem for increasing numbers of people for very simple reasons. First, the average diet is not a good one. It's filled with too many fats, sugars and salt. Second, we have become a society of watchers rather than doers. We turn activity into spectator sports, and sports into video games. The result is higher blood pressure and the resulting effects.

There are some simple ways to help reduce high blood pressure. Here are some of the easiest non-medication ways.

Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital did a study that demonstrated that taking 800 micrograms of the B vitamin folate can cut the risk of high blood pressure by almost a third. The vitamin is found naturally in in grains, greens and citrus fruits. So an increase in these items could prove helpful in lowering high blood pressure.

Here's a surprise. Isometric exercises that were popular years ago may not have made you look like Charles Atlas, but they do help reduce high blood pressure. Isometric handgrip exercises can reduce systolic blood pressure and improve artery flexibility at the same time. A double benefit.

And there's even a way to lower blood pressure while you sleep. Do you snore? Most people who snore do their trumpeting best when sleeping on their back. Well, roll over Beethoven! Because sleeping face down actually lowers nighttime blood pressure, according to a study from the Ehime University School of Medicine in Japan. So sleeping on your stomach is just another way to help lower blood pressure and give your mate a much deserved rest.

Of course none of these steps will probably do the job alone. Blood pressure control requires a serious effort in many directions if you want to  avoid the complications and side effects of blood pressure medications. These tips can just add to your successful control and lowering of blood pressure.

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