Sunday, June 5, 2011

Frequent sex has health benefits for men

Here's a bit of research that will interest many men. According to a study by the New England Research Institute, men who have sex twice a week or more are up to 45 percent less likely to have heart disease than men who have sex once a month or less.

The study tracked 1,000 men between 30 and 70 over a sixteen year period. It also took into account age, weight, blood pressure and other factors. Why the benefit?

The benefit may come from the physical activity and emotional effects of the frequent intimacy. It also could be that men in better health were more interested in sexual activity.

However, other studies by the National Cancer Institute found that men who have sex five or more times a week were much less likely to get prostate cancer.

This information will more than likely cause many men who have never before been interested in improving their health, to start a health improvement  program immediately!

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